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  • linking to relevant sources (maps, UN-resolutions, speeches or statements of organizations, parties and politicians involved) is encouraged.
  • in general a description of a link as "The Israeli view" or "The Arab view" is discouraged as there is often no one single view.
  • linked pages should add valuable information which is not in the article.
  • no links to propaganda sites should be added (within reasonable limits: if you write an article about the role of propaganda it's of course legitim to cite examples). What constitutes a propaganda site is not always easy to make out. Some criteria, which may occur in combinations:
    • Explicitly extremist rhetoric (e.g. anti-Semitic statements for an Arab site and "Deport all Arabs" for a Jewish site)
    • Not providing concise facts.
    • Logical fallacies (ad hominem is a particular favorite, bandwagon, fallacy by association),
    • Murky use of legal/semantic definitions
    • Resourceful quoting from different sources to convey a different message than the original document
    • Mixing research and conclusion-making.