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Some quotations that I may have found amusing or worth noting:

  • "I doubt I could say anything that could penetrate your invincible stupidity." Adam Carr at Talk:Osama bin Laden (erased by Ed Poor)
  • "This article has been listed at Wikipedia:Votes for deletion on the grounds that it is irredeemable crap. Adam 05:14, 16 Jan 2004 (UTC)" from Medical Scientism
  • "I'm off to lunch now - normal reverting will be resumed in an hour or so. i suggest you get a life." Adam Carr edit summary of History of Greek and Roman Egypt
  • "He also left the followng here: "HEY, I JUST STARTED HERE! AND I'M QUITTING. THIS SITE SUCKS. JUST LIKE MORWEN. I DID NOT WRITE THAT ORIGINAL MESSAGE TO JIMBO AND DID NOT EXPECT THIS LEVEL OF CRAP. RABASTAN". Sic transit gloria wikipedia. -- Finlay McWalter 01:31, 23 Dec 2003 (UTC)" on Wikipedia:Vandalism in progress quoting User:Rabastan
  • "'''REVERTS ARE FOR VANDALISM'''" -- JackLynch edit summary at Talk:Atheism
  • "you can polish troll droppings all you want, but they're still troll droppings" MIRV at Talk:Rise of Rome
  • "Arbitration and mediation are just politically-correct ways of saying "decisions about banning" and "knock two stupid heads together". " Finlay McWalter at Wikipedia talk:Requests for adminship
  • "Lir is a persistent and deliberate pest and if Hephaestos banned him, blocked him or tied him in a sack and dropped him over Niagara Falls he would have the thanks of a grateful nation." Adam Carr at Wikipedia:Possible misuses of admin privileges
  • "<AdamBishop> Wikipedia users should stop having brothers. All they do is cause trouble, it seems". Adam Bishop on #wikipedia commenting on Lord Kenneth pulling a Plank on slashdot [1]
  • "...but that doesn't make him an actual developer any more than I'm a plant's ingestive organ because I've got "root" access to a number of machines" brion on Ed's developer status (m:Talk:Developer access)
  • <Kingturtle> most people are jarred to find out that i am not a turtle