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User:xaGlen yielded no results, but I checked the Assemblies of God article, and, behold, there you were. Just saying hello here. :) If you ever need help with anything Wikipedia related (or anything else for that matter), feel free to grab me at my talk page (or, you know, call me, or email me, or, heck, ask me in person :P). Anyways, take care and thanks for having lunch with me; it was great to talk to you.


-- Hinotori(talk)|(ctrb) 22:52, 3 February 2006 (UTC)

Chi Alpha Campus Ministries[edit]

Glen, I noticed you added information about "sizable" Chi Alphas. I looked for WP: RELIABLE sources to back these claims up but found none. I removed the section as only info from reliable, verifiable, independent sources can be used on Wikipedia. Please feel free to re-add this if you find sources! Wikiwikikid (talk) 13:31, 18 June 2009 (UTC)

Getting a new article approved[edit]

I was trying to write a new article on Doug Clay as the new AG General Sup. I usually write it straight up and publish it the same day as it is less than 2 paragraphs. This time I went thru the drafting process and got rejected because of the reviewer felt that the sources I used were not good enough, he argued that ag news source was not legit and Springfield local newspaper was a regional paper, not a national paper. When I protested the reviewer then cited wiki policy of notability as another reason to reject the article. I don't what to do? User:Csulaguy