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for the benefit of anyone trying to track my reading or who wants a list of what i consider cool topics, please see this list (a perioduc dump of my watchlist):

29apr2004: American Sign Language Anthropic principle Argument from nonbelief Bucket argument Buddhism Cell Games Civil disobedience Constructed language Controversies regarding Mormonism E-Prime Four Noble Truths Frame of reference Free will and determinism Friedrich Nietzsche Graph theory H. P. Lovecraft International Organization for Standardization Irreducible complexity Jean Piaget John Rawls Lawrence Kohlberg Mahatma Gandhi Metaphysics Mohandas Gandhi Natural language Opportunity cost Origin of The Book of Mormon Original position Otaku Pascal's wager Robert M. Pirsig Satyagraha The problem of evil Theory of evolution Trisodium phosphate Westermarck effect Wikipedia:Neutral point of view